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Block Asset Technologies Ltd.

Making Sense Of Data
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Data Bridging

Extracting legacy data for cost saving and compliance

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Our highly experienced consultants cover all aspects of business.

BAT prides itself on the quality of its consultants. Our highly experienced consultants are drawn from a technology to business
and business to technology background, which enables them to offer our clients well rounded knowledge and expertise.

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Data Bridging

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About Us

BAT is a new company focusing on data solutions in financial markets. BAT brings together industry domain experts, technologists and researchers, to implement new generation data technology and services for the financial industry.

Our Board is made up of well-respected professionals in financial markets, with a proven track record of introducing successful change. We carefully select our business and technology consultants to ensure they can meet the highest standards, to provide the right solutions for our customers.


To solve the data problems in financial markets by combining innovative technology with academic research and development.


BAT’s focus is on enabling strong data management and governance, by creating synergies and data visibility across legacy systems and solving data problems for the benefit of business operations, clients and compliance.


Our proven approach can quickly aid in creating a solid data control environment within financial services firms. BAT Data Assurance is designed to meet the data control needs of today.

BAT offers both a technical and strategic value to financial services firms, to overcome legacy data problems by reducing inefficiencies and risk, and enable regulatory compliance and cost reduction.

We are developing an ontology based solution to address the myriad of data problems found in financial services firms, to create an alternative data platform that gives the user back power and control.

IT Strategy

Our strategy is to build solutions to transition legacy data into new useable systems, utilizing data ontologies to increase reusability and flexibility, to enable cost savings and operational efficiency.  

IT Scope

Data in financial markets is segmented based on its use, but BAT treats data as a single data set that can be used for multiple purposes. BAT data solutions are suitable for front and back office operations, for any type of business environment.


Our methodology enables us to fully understand data problems in a particular environment and then implement the right solution for the client.

Unlock your legacy data today

Access any data independent of its application or host, on a secure, state-of the-art, cost effective infrastructure of your choice.


Block Asset Technologies signs partnership agreement.

Block Asset Technologies (BAT) has signed an agreement with NSC to market and sell DataNovata: The Enterprise Application Data Bridge to the financial services market, under the brand name of BATextract™ powered by DataNovata®. The product will be implemented and developed to meet the specific needs of Banks and other financial services firms, incorporating regulatory requirements, as well as operational efficiencies.

BAT’s aim is to develop an alternative 21st Century data platform, which will incorporate financial ontologies, to enable users to select and refine specified data at a finite level. This agreement with NSC is an important part of BAT’s development road map.

NSC enables enterprises to quickly transform data from acquired system databases into easy-to-access applications using its unique software workbench DataNovata. NSC has won multiple industry Excellence awards from IDC and X/Open (The Open Group) for its x-platform development methodologies. NSC Group is an independent UK-based software house that has served large corporations for more than 35 yrs.

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