DataNovata® is a software product developed to meet the specific needs of Banks and other financial services firms, incorporating regulatory requirements, as well as accomplishing cost savings.

Solutions for Legacy database problems
The diagram shows how BAT extract is positioned relative to alternative solutions - and how it creates advantage in terms of Return on Investment and access to data.

In a first step, the project scope and procedures are agreed with the client. Initially, information is extracted from legacy databases (e.g. existing RDBMS). Meta-data and data structures then enable the developer to modify the application to give the views required by clients’ domain experts.

Then, DataNovata® creates applications suitable for end-users to interrogate ‘retired’ data in read-only mode. When meta-data and data structures are customised according to the new requirements, the new database can be populated with data from existing legacy databases which can then be archived or retired.

BAT Professional Services assist financial services firms in achieving compliance, operational efficiencies, and strategic advantages.

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Developed using cutting edge technology.

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