Data is one of the main pillars of any market, with the finance industry under evermore increasing scrutiny from regulators, efficiently managing and controlling data in a secure environment is a regulatory and legal necessity. Therefore, how firms organise, maintain security, and the quality of their data is of paramount importance.

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Data is often held in old legacy systems, where legacy processes can hinder, efficient management and control of data on a day to day basis and tend to be costly to maintain.

BAT’s proven approach can quickly aid in creating a solid data control environment within financial services firms – BAT Data Assurance is designed to meet the data control needs of today.

Data Assurance FAQ

Who is it suitable for?

Data Assurance is a scalable and configurable project, suitable for any type of financial services firm, of any size.

How much disruption will this cause my business?

Our experienced consultants have not only an expert knowledge of data processes and systems, but also operational culture within financial services firms. Our in-depth knowledge and experience of finding data solutions to data problems allows us to work quickly, effectively, and efficiently with minimal disruption to our client’s business.

What is the aim?

Creating a solid data control environment within financial services firms, by conducting a detailed review to build a framework for compliance and cost savings.

What is the process? Analysis and design

  • Our consultants start with a detailed investigation into potential data risks within the area of operations assigned. We analyse the relevant data chain, and identify any control weaknesses within the systems architecture, or processes.

What is the outcome? Report and Implementation - the path to compliance and cost saving.

  • Upon completion of a detailed analysis of the relevant data flows, systems and processes, a report is provided detailing suggested changes for better compliance, risk reduction and any potential cost savings.

BAT sets a high value on quality and performance and we expect no less from our consultants, ensuring our clients can expect the best possible service. We work hard to understand our clients’ requirements and to ensure that these needs are met.

Therefore, we only select highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants, drawn from a technology to business and business to technology background, to ensure that our project teams have the skills and experience needed to provide the right solutions to our clients.

Our team has over 300 years combined experience

BAT prides itself on the quality of its people.