The financial services industry is facing major challenges from emerging new technologies, enterprise wide integration, evolving megatrends such as; Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, Big Data, Mobile Technologies, Cloud Computing, more demanding customers and last but not least, Regulation.

In 1998 Tim Berners-Lee announced his ideas about a web of data (the “Semantic Web”). Since 2006, important standards have been developed  such as RDF, SPARQL and OWL. In the area of business and finance, a range of standards have embraced the new concept of metadata (e.g. FixML, XBRL, FpML, ISO 20022, ISO 8000:2009, etc) but despite all these efforts there is still no industry wide standard for the financial markets.

BAT believes that technology can help to solve some of the most painful problems.

BAT will focus on providing innovative data solutions to reduce data silos, costs, increase transparency, aid compliance and improve customer service.

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Implementation Methodology

BAT understands that each client is unique, with a distinctive environment, business and culture. It is therefore  an important part of our methodology that our consultants undertake an initial investigation to ensure that the solution we supply is a seamless fit and meets our clients’ requirements. Once the analysis has been completed and the report produced, specifications are agreed with the Client.

BAT follows a well-structured and proven methodology with a dedicated team to ensure implementation is effected within agreed costs and deadlines.

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Conducting detailed reviews within Financial Services firms to build a framework for data compliance and cost savings